05 British Fashion Designers Who Have Changed London Style


The recent years have witnessed the rising of fashion industry, and an increasing appetite for innovation in the other fields of design. For both well-established brands and for the emerging talent, there are many new concepts for furniture, jewelry, clothing and home products.The new talent of London is emerging very fast till the year of 2018 that have not only changed the game, but put the city back on the map of innovative designs.

So, now there are more inspiring designers, that have explored and are the new game changers.

1. Craig Green:

Craig Green came up with a fearless collection in the year of 2013. Coming up as a Fashion East’s man, he took initiative for the fashionistas of mix combination of east and west outfit’s lovers. His styling choice is really unusual. Models shown by him have worn black wooden headpieces that have obscured their faces, and that is the unique thingthat has made his collection outstanding. According to him, his work became the fodder of trashy newspaper thathas made the odd headgear aside. Afterwards, his wearable winter collection in the year of 2014, created a completely different impact.

His work was appreciated by many of the designers. The words of famous editor Isabella Burley for him are,

2. Claire Barrow:

Because of unabashed individuality and rebellious designs, the only one name comes in mind, when someone talks about the British designers. That is, Claire Barrow. This much reputation is craved by him, not only by his dedication towards work, but keeping in mind the demand of fusion design among the people. Later on, his brand ethos was joined by the fashion rebel Rihanna, who used to work on hand-painted vintage leather jackets. Her catwalks were always being a theatrical. Even, the collection by her has not taken as much appraised. But being the bold enough, she is not afraid to show off his audiences and always take her audiences on extra-ordinary journeys. Say, she introduced her models on a ramp while holding model fish. This is hilarious.

But, Claire adaptability with her opened up the most loveable provocateurs.

3. Christopher Shannon:

70’s Liverpool suburbia, even though, she has the mesh of influences, but still her brand has individuality and a personal touch. Like, in one of her show, she paid tribute to Louise Wilson, who was her CMS tutor. That show is a perfect example of her uniqueness individuality.

4. JS LEE:

Born in South Korea, and then moved to UK, Jackie JS Lee has a clear picture of fusion designs.She has also studied in women’s wear from Central Saint Martins. Her collection was tailored again and again, and the reason is the famous aesthetic Phoebe Philo and Alexander Wang, who quickly made her one of the hot tickets at London Fashion Week. This incorporates the incredible skills and a detailed attention to her work. Also, this showed how much simplicity, she has in her work.

Her detailed work was result of years of experience, though she started her fashion MA after she had worked in the field for five years. So, she proved the famous proverb of “Practice makes a man perfect”, and that really worked for her.

5. Simone Rocha:

In order to build a sustainable brand, she focused on the detail and quality. Having a degree of BA from The National College of Arts and Designs in Dublin, she used her innovation in completely different way. After completing her masters, she become able to win the award, titled “Women’s wear Designer of the year” at the British Fashion Awards. She successfully established a signature aesthetic as according to her views and that was a completely romantic, feminine and ephemeral designs.

Designers now-a-days are working for the recent trend prevailing. It has been expected that the coming Fashion show of London will have only the mixing of cultures that is called fusion designs. Evolution of this style needs much more practical skills.

To stand out of the crowd and to increase the social value, much more practical skills are needed in this field. Further, in the fashion industry, if you don’t get noticed, there is no success. And, the last thing, whatever you wear, always remember what you are wearing must have ethics.

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