10 Amazing Nails and How You Can Get Them


I recently visited one of these bars with my baby sister (I think I should stop referring to her as a baby, she’s 14). I was dazzled by the varieties of designs, nail paints and drawings that she could choose from. She chose a very complicated, 3-D design for herself. I tried to convince her to select a simpler design but she didn’t pay heed to what I was saying. The most annoying part was that I had to wait for 2 hours in the bar for her. Yes, nail art ain’t that easy. Hadn’t it been for my Frontier Internet Packages that allowed me to watch YouTube videos on my smartphone, I would have died of boredom.

I would not have imagined in the wildest of my dreams that there will come a time when I will be saying nail and art as a single word (nail art). But I guess the world is full of surprises and the introduction of new and innovative concepts never fail to amaze me. I mean if you come to think of it, only yesterday we were kids who were aiming to grow our nails to a certain length to get them French manicured. And today the girls visit nail bars where their nails become a canvas for the experts to paint or draw on.

Anyway, while I sat there waiting for my sister’s nails to be dolled up, I watched a couple of nail art tutorials (talk about irony).

Here are my favorite nail art picks and how you can get them:

White and Orange Flames:

You will need a white, an orange, a black and a yellow nail color. And don’t forget the nail art strips.

Below are the steps you should follow to dress your nails as fire flames:

  • To begin with, apply two coats of white nail color
  • Next, place the nail art strips diagonally across each other. Apply yellow nail color
  • Following this, take another strip and place it vertically in the center of two diagonally placed strips. Paint one half in orange nail color
  • Apply black nail color at the base of the ‘flame’
  • Lastly, add a coat of clear nail color to give the nails a shiny look

Bumblebee inspired nails:

You will need a yellow and a black nail color to dress your nails in the attire of a bumblebee. You can play around with the style (polka dots or stripes) that you want to paint your nails in.

Once you have the two nail colors, all you have to do is apply the base coat (you can decide if it will be yellow or black). Once done, draw stripes or paint polka dots with the other nail color on the base coat.

Plastic wrap nail art:

You will require any two nail colors of your choice, a plastic wrap, and a clear nail color.

Once you have collected the required ‘ingredients’, follow the given steps:

  • Apply two coats of the nail color you decide to choose as the base color
  • When the base color dries, apply a single coat of the second nail color that you have selected
  • While the second nail color is still wet, place the crumpled plastic wrap on the nail
  • Remove the plastic wrap, you will be able to see the base coat sneaking through the top coat in a pattern made by the plastic wrap
  • Let it dry and finish the look by applying the clear nail color

White minimal nail art:

You will need white nail color, thin nail strips and clear nail color for this particular design. Create three Vs with the strips on your nails and paint them with white nail color (while the strips still glued to the nails). Finish the look by adding a coat of clear nail color.

Smokey grey nail art:

You will need a smokey grey nail color, glitter, a brush and clear nail color. Apply a coat of grey nail color as the base. Mix some of your nail colors with glitter on another clear surface. Then use a brush to paint this mixture of nail color and glitter on your base coat. Top off with the clear nail color.

Chocolate gold nails:

You will need a chocolate brown nail color, a gold nail color and a tape for this design. Start by applying chocolate brown nail color as the base coat. Place the tape diagonally on the nail, making a triangle and paint that area with golden nail color. Once the nail colors dry, apply the transparent nail color on the top.

Two-toned nail art:

You need to buy two nail colors of your choice and a nail art strip for this design. Apply a coat of one nail color. Then put the nail strip diagonally across the nail and paint one-half with the second nail color. Once done, remove the strip and let the nail color dry.

Polka dot nails:

All you need is two nail colors of your choice. Once you have picked them, apply a base coat with one color. Let that dry. Once it has dried, put dots using the brush of the second nail color. And you are done with the design.

Circle nail art:

Pick two nail colors of your choice and rounded-hole nail art labels. Apply one nail color as the base coat. Once it dries, place the rounded-hole nail art labels on either side of your nail. Apply a coat of the second nail color on the middle of your nail and remove the nail art labels once you are done.

Scales nail art:

You would need an array of nail colors for this design. I would suggest you pick 5-6 bright nail colors of your choice. Choose one amongst these six nail colors as your base and apply it on all your nails. Then start creating dots with the remaining nail colors and keep making dots until you reach the tip base of the nail. Once done, let it dry.

These 10 were my favorite looks from the many that I watched on different tutorials. Although I did not opt for getting nail art on my nails when my sister was, I did try it at home later. It so happened that I hadn’t paid for my Spectrum TV packages subscription and I was so bored that I found nothing better to do then to experiment with nail art.

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