6 Best Habits To Live Longer Life

6 Best Habits To Live Longer Life


When it comes down to it, a great portion of our efforts is in some way motivated by a desire to keep living – to survive. But the bitter truth is that life frequently spent by just thinking about the future and missing out on the richness of the present moment.

But the best way to live your life is to make your present better; ultimately your future will be better. Following is a list of the practices that you can consider for extending life. It is recommended partaking in them liberally and enthusiastically.

But please remember, it’s possible for these practices to become devices that perpetuate our relentless drive to go! Rather than viewing them as the means to escape from death, see if you can think of them as ways to relish life.

  1. Exercise

Everyone knows of the value of exercise. The human body is very responsive to physical activity or a lack thereof. Simply put, it’s “use it or lose it.” It is considered that exercise that mobilizes every part of the body in every possible way is the best way to keep it in good shape.

Yoga and dance are ideal for this. Maintain good indoor temperature and airflow with the help of air conditioning Sydney and start doing exercise today! An exercise that focuses on building core strength and controlling energy flow, such as Qigong and Taijiquan (Tai Chi) is also a valuable tool for promoting long life.

  1. Dancing

In addition to other forms of exercise, It is considered that there is a unique benefit to dancing. Dance is one of the most basic and primal forms of release. Here we are talking about dancing like no one’s watching – putting on your favorite music and really letting loose with spontaneous movement.

There is a particular exaltation we can achieve through dance, and this is potent medicine. And dancing with others is an invitation to let the love in your heart spill over – why keep it just for yourself?

  1. Breathing

The quality of our breathing can have a profound effect on all aspects of our health. Deep, full breaths exercise the internal body, they send oxygen-rich blood to all our parts, they calm the mind, and they facilitate the release of emotion. What you’re breathing matters too: clean, fresh, unpolluted air can be powerful medicine.

Beyond good old deep, unrestricted breathing, there are a few specific breath-centered arts that are even more potent at building vitality and releasing blockages. These include pranayama (a facet of yoga), Conscious Breathing (AKA “rebirthing”), and Holotropic Breathwork, to name a few. In Chinese medicine, there is a saying: “Qi (life energy) follows the breath.”

That is, breathing promotes the circulation of energy. It allows us to open restricted or deprived parts of ourselves, and to share the intangible essence we draw into our lungs with every deserving cell in our body.

  1. Posture

The main detriments of poor posture are that it restricts our breathing and squashes our organs. Then there is the shoulder, back, neck, jaw, arm, hand, and other structural problems it can lead to.

The biggest cause of poor posture is sitting in a chair at a table or desk. Most of us start taking all our meals this way around age 2. We spend six or more hours a day doing this through all our years in school. Then, if we have a desk job, we do it eight or more hours a day until retirement.

If you spend much time in this position, it’s worth optimizing your seating, desk positioning, and ergonomics. Hang up reminder notes in your workspace. The body simply functions better when it’s held in an open and aligned fashion. Beyond all the physical benefits of good posture, most people just plain feel better when they pick themselves up.

  1. Sleep

Americans epidemically overwork and under sleep. A good amount of good quality sleep can help you to live a long life. Insufficient sleep is associated with an increased incidence of obesity, which is a major risk factor for several conditions that shorten lives.

Insufficient sleep is also a major risk factor for various health issues. It is recommended to maintain a good surrounding condition that lets you sleep well the whole night. Maintain darkness, low noise, good indoor temperature, and humidity level by installing ducted aircon Sydney.

  1. Laughter

If you can’t laugh at life, why mess around with longevity? We’re all familiar with the saying that laughter is good medicine, and we all like to do it, so let’s invite more of it into our lives.

Watch comedies, listen to comedy on your way to and from work, tell jokes, tickle, make funny faces, or join a laughing group (people who get together to induce themselves and each other to laugh).

Full belly laughs are best – they get the whole body involved. Meanwhile, reduce the degree to which you cultivate bad feelings (fear, grief, sadness, pain, horror) and cut down on violent and sad movies, and media that sensationalizes tragedy.

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