8 Inexpensive Gift Items for Everyday Occasions and Events


Are you looking for pocket-friendly gift ideas for someone? Do you want to choose happiness over expensive and exotic gift items? Then, you are at the right place. Today, we will tell you about gifts and items that you can purchase or make, without spending much time or money, but winning the hearts of people in simple yet grand manner.

Below mentioned are budget-friendly gift ideas for everyday occasions.

1. Subscription to Movie Tickets

Do you enjoy watching movies? How frequently do you visit movie theaters, many times perhaps in a month? Likewise, others may love watching movies as well. If you want to buy an entertaining gift for someone, then purchase a subscription to movie tickets. The subscription offer can be from a ticket-booking agent or website, or the movie theater itself. Subscription movie tickets come at a good discount and have additional features, such as discount on snacks and special rate for members etc.Surely, it will make the day of the gift receiver.

2. Floral Basket with Sweets and Nutty-Snacks

Express your gratitude to others by gifting them a hamper of sweets and nutty-snacks in a floral basket. Gift hampers usually cost less than purchasing the contents in it, individually. These look beautiful and great to satiate the taste buds. You can send flowers and gift hampers even at the last minute. For instance, you suddenly remember that it is your friend’s birthday tomorrow but it is an odd hour in the night, you can still book delivery of flowers, cakes, and snacks for the next-day to the friend’s address and take them by surprise.

3. Quirky Coasters

If the person you want to gift something is a lover of tea or coffee, then you can opt for a set of quirky coasters. These coasters can bear witty quotes or jokes or scenic views, or perhaps a reminder- wash your mug, no stealing from other’s plate etc. Rather than plain coasters, such quirky ones will bring laughter to the person and make for a nice choice of gift.

4. Personalized Photo Album

Photographs are among the commonly shared things on social media today. But we may often forget the impact of a printed picture and which memories a simple photograph can stir up. You can print digital pictures of your loved one at a minimal fee at any photo lab. Choose photographs that are meaningful to the person and then mount those on an album or photo frame. You can create a special gallery of pictures for the gift receiver and highlight the cherished memories, making them stand out from the hustle and bustle of social media.

5. Wooden Jewellery Case

Bejewelled or hand-painted jewellery cases are expensive. But you can pick rustic touch and vintage themed wooden jewellery cases for your friend or family member. Jewellery is precious item and a storage box for is not only thoughtful gesture but a suitable gift item for formal and informal occasions. You can further opt to engrave the wooden case and make it personalized as you like.

6. Soft Toys

Though some stores sell soft toys that are too expensive to afford, you can look out for the ones that are local-made. Make sure you inquire about the size of the soft toy, its make, and material used before purchasing. You can save a lot of time and money if you choose florists in India to purchase soft toys. Usually, these stores sell soft toys at a great discount and have the facility of shipping the product to a desired address, without any charges or at a minimal fee only.

7. Painted Canvas Bag

Visit a shop that re-purposes items. Check out canvas bags that are painted on. These have a unique look and stand out of all other gift items you generally find at regular shops and stores. Moreover, you can get these canvas bags painted as per your request. Customized canvas bags often cost less than the branded versions.

8. Cocktail Napkins and Non-alcoholic Beverages

For get-together and party, take along cocktail napkins and non-alcoholic beverages. These suit the occasion and the party-host would also value your gift choice. If you know the host personally and want to surprise him/her, then probably reach the venue earlier and decorate the dining table with these napkins and layout the beverages to kick-start the party.

The above-given economical gift items are something worth to consider. If you have not planned for something to gift to your special one, it is time to do that now, without burning a hole in your pocket.

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