Best Product Photographers in India


Do you have some interest in product photography? Need to know the best product photographers in India? Possibly, you might be confused as everybody makes a page of facebook calling themselves an expert. Here, you can check out the list of 10 top product photographers working on the advertisement section:

In the last few years, advertising photography has achieved the best heights, with all the advanced techniques and styles. There is no need to say, the success of a special ad campaign completely on the advertising photographers. The perfect product photographer has the required knowledge of making use of the appropriate techniques and tools of photography that are finely suitable to promote a product in the market. The best product photographer understands how to bring the attention of the target massage.

Ritam Banerjee

One of the highly talented photographers based in Mumbai, Ritam Banerjee is linked with the Getty pictures. They have served clients from special corners of the world. Despite from the still photographs, he also shoots saleable videos. Till date, it has served various products from different industries. Many of the clients are Guess, Royal Enfield, ICICI, Elizabeth Arden, Cosmopolitan, PETA and Rotary International among others.

Sandesh Jayakar

Working in Mumbai, Sandesh Jayakar is an award-winning product photographer. He has different prominent clients up his sleeves, such as Lee Cooper shoes, Giordani Watches, Idee eyewear and Metro shoes among others. The signature photographs show a right combination of emotions, stylishness, theater and beauty.

Karthik Srinivasan

South Indian based product photographer, Karthik Srinivasan is quite popular in the market. He is quite young in age and quite inspired by the natural beauty of Kerela. The impact can be easily noticed in his photography. There was no proper guidance but he has become quite popular in the field.

Karthik Srinivasan has clicked images for many of the renowned brands which includes weekender, Royal Challenge, Van Heusen and Levis among others. The services are offered to numerous advertising agencies of India named as Ogilvy, Mudra and JWT among others. At present, he takes part on different seminars, motivating the young talents to pursue photography as their job.

Mikhil Saluja

Learned the art of photography from Italy, Mikhil Saluja is an expert product photographer. Each of the images contains some visual delight that shows the passion for his work line. He has properly worked for brands such as Marie Claire, Kingdom of Dreams, Da Milano and The Man among others.

Munish Khanna

Munish Khanna is a renowned name in the world photography and Delhi Fashion. He is actively engaged in teaching photography to diverse people, from different part of the world. The images are featured in the top books, magazines, and websites, both internation and national. Till date, he has taken the images of some of the top brands of India, titled as Maruti, VLCC and New Delhi Airport among others.

Manoj Aryan

At the age of 18, Manoj Aryan started the learning the art of photography. After that, he went to the USA to master his proficiency at a global workshop, where he got the opportunity to learn special techniques of images direct from the popular lensmen of the world. He is a winner of different awards as well as gold medals for the amazing job.

Amit Dey

Amit Dey is a quite flexible photographer, who has earned a good reputation in the world of the advertising sector. He actually adores making experiment with different techniques and styles, despite of sticking to find one type. Till date, he has shot for advertising agencies such includes Ogilvy, JWT, Dentsu, Mc Cann Erickson and enhances of a popular client base which includes Coca-Cola, Monte Carlo, Reebok and Nescafe among others.

Vikas Dutt

Vikas dutt belongs to the Varanasi and extremely passionate for the photography and bring inspiration from life for the photography. Swiss Eagle products and Vespa Products are some of the products he has worked for. It is also working for tourism industry which includes Bali tourism and Srilanka tourism among others.

Sushmendra Dubey

Mr Dubey or Dubs is a highly talented advertising photographer who is working with Saatchi & Saatchi and Lintas and has photographed products for numerous multinational brands.

Saurabh Dua

One of the natural advertising photographer, Saurabh Dua transfers between New Delhi and Mumbai. He has famous clients from India and even abroad. He has popularly received both the national and international awards for the amazing job. He is also working for different agencies named as LOWE, Happy Creatives, Mudra and CHEIL.


There is no lack of popular fashion photographers, who click for promotion of products. India has had numerous experienced photographers in the history and will carry on having different more in this developing era of digital product photography. Keep reading for the best product photographer in India.

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