How to make a smart investment while shopping?


Nowadays the craze for online shopping is going to increase day by day. Most of the population of our country like to purchase items online rather than going to market or any shop. Maybe the reason to save time and money. It is the fact that we are going to attract towards the offers given by any brand or company. But as much as the online purchase of items is increasing the online consumer fraud is also increasing day by day. Every day if we see any news or newspaper the online consumer fraud or consumer exploitation is becoming a common topic.

Here are some types that in how many ways the consumer exploitation is going to be done:-

  • Most of the time what we purchase is not exactly what is delivered to us.
  • There are also the chances that the price we pay for a particular product is more than the actual cost of the product.
  • Sometimes we also go through the situation where we want to return the product due to some defect or many other reasons but unable to do so.

If there are problems than their solution is also exist just the consumers should be aware of those remedies. If we are investing our money than why should we need to compromise on the quality of the product. Have you ever think about that why any brand or company sell you the product at cheap prices than its actual. If we are running behind these offers somewhere the reason is our own greed we want to save our money and time, if we are very conscious about our investment than how a big brand not. Although if we are investing our money that nobody wants to compromise on the quantity or quality of the product.

Things to keep in mind while investing the money or purchase any online product:-

  • If you are purchasing any item from any online shopping site firstly go through the reviews of that website. In that also keep an eye on the date and time of reviews whether they are real or not.
  • Another concern should be the existence of particular website i.e how long the website exists.
  • The item you are looking for is that of the same brand according to your need sometimes the slight change in the name and logo brand is done to fool the consumers.
  • Always try to purchase the certified products.
  • While doing payment always try to take the snapshots of the transaction so that in future if there is any need you can use them as a proof.
  • Always try to make a smart choice while selecting the website to purchase your particular item.
  • Don’t run behind the offers on any purchase.

Moreover, now the consumers are aware of their rights but still many times they become the victim of online fraud. In that case, consumers need to approach the consumer court or any online consumer forum to fight against their rights.

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