How Your Body Chemistry Influences Perfumes?


When you borrow a perfume from your mother, brother or a friend, it often smells a bit different on you. You might have noticed this effect several times while buying a new perfume, or using someone’s scent. This is not because you didn’t clean your skin properly but because of your body chemistry. A perfume is a very complicated thing, almost behaves like a living organism when it touches your skin. The aroma of the perfume will merge with the pheromones released by the body, evaporating with the help of the heat released by the body and spreading around. Since there are so many bodily functions influencing the aroma of the perfume, no two persons can have the same aroma.

Your body can make the perfume smell marvellous or make it go off if it is not in accordance with the chemistry of the body. No matter how expensive perfume is or how popular or highly aromatic it is, if you have selected blindly just by following the popular trends, it will not be able to deliver the dreamy scent you expect. Here are some tips that will help you in selecting the perfume according to your skin and body chemistry,

Selecting Perfume According To Skin Type:

While purchasing a new perfumes, we usually focus on the scent of the perfume and not on the kind of fragrance. What type of perfume you have bought can affect the aroma as well as the longevity of the perfume. Each type of fragrance works in a different way on different skin types. People with oily skin tend to enjoy perfume longest and in most intense manner. No matter what kind of perfume they apply, it stays on their body giving off aroma for hours. However, people with dry skin find it hard to make their perfume stay on the skin.

This is due to the moisture level of your skin. Oily skin has ample moisture produced by the body in the form of sebum. The fragrance molecules can easily stick to this natural moisture and evaporate at a slow pace. Therefore, they can use any type of luxury perfume. However, if you have dry skin, your skin lacks moisture giving nothing to the fragrance molecules to adhere. You can either try to apply an ample amount of moisturiser on your skin before spraying on the perfume for making it lasting or go for perfumes designed for your skin.

Oil-based perfumes are best for dry skin as they have natural oils in the base. These natural oils will keep your skin moisturised as well as allow the fragrance molecules to stick on the. People with normal or combination skin can choose any of the perfume types and get results out of it as long as they moisturise the skin properly.

Factors That Affect The Aroma Of Perfume:

Apart from the skin type, there are several other factors, which can affect the aroma of perfume when it is applied. It includes everything, which can change your body chemistry or have any kind of impact on it. If you want to make the fragrance smell good on you, here are some easy tips that will contribute in this:

The food you eat: Along with the kind of perfume you are using, the food you eat can also have an effect on the perfume. Some of the foods like cruciferous vegetables, Cheese, Alcohol, garlic and such other food items can make your body release a smelly agent through perspiration. When combined with aroma of international perfume, it can create a weird-smelling concoction. Choose an aroma, which goes well with your food habits.

Products you apply: Throughout the day, there are several kinds of products that you apply on or around your body, which can change the smell of ascent. It can be your grooming products including shaving cream, aftershave lotion, moisturisers, shower gels, soaps, or the cleaning agents used to clean clothes and house. All these products leave a faint scent on your body affecting the aroma of perfume.

Liquid intake: You might have not thought about this but the amount of your liquid intake is also one of the factors affecting your perfume. If you drink less liquid, the skin can become dehydrated affecting the aroma as well as the longevity of the fragrance. Even if you have oily skin, if it is dehydrated, it will not be able to give a boost to your scent. So, try to drink a lot of water to keep your fragrance vibrant and lasting.

You have to keep all these things in mind while applying the perfume on your body. Apart from all this, make sure to try the perfume on your own skin to know if it is working the way you expect it to or not. Go for international perfumes and buy them according to your skin to see its true magic.

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