Styling your Streetwear Canon, Jogger Pants


The best streetwear canon in the face of fashion is the jogger’s pant and who else can it be? The urban aesthetic, jogger pants, have invaded every market globally and is the perfect versatile that can complete your look.  Began its popularity in the 90s when a superstar like LL cool J adopted it in dancing, the aesthetic wear was successful in attracting the masses and it makes it a very less time in becoming a magnificent wardrobe staple. A menswear can’t be complete without a good decent pair of jogger pants.

The coolest versatile never exist. Perfect to wear in the sweltering summer, the material of the pant keeps your inner body cool while it gives you the ultimate jam of a look. The elastic cool material of the pant keeps the sweet away hence it stops it from heating the inner assets. Style it with your favorite tee or a casual shirt, turn your hand frees on and keep walking in the crowd confidently.

Jogger pants have the power to live up to your style and give your body the shape it needs. The drawing waste is made up of the elastic material. The tempered leg opening crafted of cotton adds uniqueness to your sophisticated lifestyle. When it comes to fit, they are bit slimmer but are straight through the hip and thigh. The distinct look and the diverse colors make this versatile a must have for your wardrobe. From a man perspective, they are perfect to elevate style in a matter of seconds.

What about wearing joggers to work?

Apart from it wearing it on casual Friday, if you are stylish enough and have the body in shape, you can always wear joggers to work. Make the fit of your jogger pants similar to your dress pants and the chinos you wear in the workforce. This will supplement an element of both casual and formal look to your outfit. A professional look is very essential at the workforce, as wearing jeans and the shiny stuff is never recommended and moreover, if you have an office meeting, then you may restrict your outfit to dress pants or the cotton one. Always prefer the dark colors when you are moving the workforce, as considering the light ones will reduce your look among your comrades. Black and grey jogger pants will add flexibility to your appearance and will add diversity to your professional life. The workforce can be very frustrating at times, but a good outfit can build your interest and confidence at the same time.

What about wearing your favorite joggers on a date?

What else can be a better idea? It’s way better than wearing your old worn-out jeans or your dad sweet-cotton pant. Jogger pants have the tendency to add glamour to your look that will make you win over her. When you are meeting someone first time or a part of a weekend, it is important to dress your outfit with something attractive and cool. Your wardrobe should contain a decent pair of joggers otherwise; your date is always risky! Since joggers are the best thing to wear beneath your casual attire, always go for a smart look.

A dress shirt or a graphics v tee will fit perfectly on a jogger. You need multiple items above the wait to elevate your look. Otherwise, a simple shirt and a jogger will give a very casual look so you need to add a formal tone to your outfit. A lightweight V-neck sweater on a shirt will do the job for you. Wear any shoes, while the best one to wear on your date would be the dessert shoes or maybe the Chelsea shoes. So if it’s a date, be careful but be confident whatever you wear. Remember, you are important, your looks are lesser.

Wearing it on a night out with comrades?

Why not? In real, joggers aren’t much normal so it will add a unique point to your look. Go for an impressive tone of the jogger like grey or a more darkie tone but style it with a light color shirt. If you are tee lower, go for the printed one then. To style your look better, opt for the long sleeved shirt with a darker tone and style it with the light one joggers. Wear your favorite shoes and you are all set to go.

The printed shirt will perhaps give a jam of a look and especially wearing it on parties and occasions, it will be a source of engagement for other. Instead of copying the trends, look what best suits you.

The above blog is the result of an extensive research about styling joggers on different occasions and it doesn’t promote any brands or outfit in any way or the other. I hope it works for you.

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