Top 10 Hairstyles For Men In 2018


With men’s hairstyles changing constantly and new trends setting in every year, there’s always the need for checking out what’s coming up in the hairstyles for men. Even in 2018, we have seen so many new and cool hairstyles popping up and they have all become the hottest trend in a very short span of time. From those perfectly styled fringes to the latest taper fades, there is everything available for the most fashion-conscious guys.

So, if you have been looking for a cool haircut option for yourself, here you’ll surely find something that will inspire you. Let’s have a look at this wonderful top 10 men’s hairstyles collection.

1. Long Fringe With A Low Fade

Longer hairstyles are a popular trend ever since 2018 has started and you’ll find many of them at Mens Hairstyles List as well. A thick, textured fringe right on top looks cool when combined with a beautiful low fade on sides. Overall, it’s the recipe for achieving that wonderfully stylish look. Just make sure that there’s enough length left on the top to make the hair look wavy.

2. Fohawk With High Fade And Surgical Design

With so many faux hawk variations around, this beautiful fohawk look is what you’ll need to flaunt your style everywhere. The look borrows its elegance from that high fade and the surgical design. It is quite versatile and doesn’t require much of maintenance either. The surgical design is a really versatile style element as well and it can take just about any shape you like and works perfectly with any hairstyle you name.

3. Loose Pompadour With High Fade

Pompadours are popular and getting the haircut only requires you to apply the right clippers and leave 3-5 inches length on top. An undercut or a fade works perfectly on the sides as well. However, if you want to add a touch of lazy elegance to your otherwise wonderful hairstyle, just keep it a bit loosely styled. For styling purposes, you’ll need some wax or pomade and you’ll be able to add desired height to the hairstyle. To add to the overall look, go for a full beautiful beard.

4. Quiff Hairstyle With Hard Part And High Fade

For getting a beautiful quiff, you’ll need 3 inches length on top, at least. Buzz the sides into a cool taper fade to complement the look and how short you’d like to cut the hair will depend on you. To make the look more extreme, quite a bit of contrast will be created by keeping the clipper setting really short. However, if you’re after a more classic look then you can opt for a gentle taper fade.

5. Long Hair On Top With Undercut

If you have always adored long hair then this year we have this wonderful combo of an undercut with long hair ready to be styled for you. The hairstyle features very long combed over hair that look a bit messy on top but still makes for an elegant vibe. The look is given some definition by that beautiful undercut and short stubble.

6. Thick Textured Comb Over Hairstyle With Taper Fade

Comb over hairstyles never go out of fashion courtesy that wonderful vibe they are known to create. The thick and textured look on top makes it look even better and when combine with a beautiful taper fade the hairstyle is completed to perfection. You can wear it with or without a beard and it will make you look elegant and stylish in both the cases.

7. Thick And Textured Spikes With Shaved Sides

For more of a rock star look, this is the hairstyle to achieve. It is about beautiful, thick and textured spikes on top and that makes it look awesome. The sides are shaved so as to create a faded look. And, when the stubble is added to the mix, it looks really awesome.

8. Pompadour With Braided Razor Part

Hair braids can be achieved just about anywhere on the head provided you have enough length to play around with. It’s unique style and adds a bit of flair to your overall hairdo. To have a perfect style to flaunt, you can go with a nice Pompadour on top and combine it with a high fade and thick razor part. Add a braid along the side part to make the hairstyle look amazing.

9. Faux Hawk With Low Burst Fade

The burst fade is a cool option to style your hair with a faux hawk look. However, it depends how extreme you’d like the hairdo to look and that will determine the clipper you should use for trimming the sides. It could be anything between number 2 and number 5 or you can even trim it with scissors to ample length on the sides. You will need some pomade or gel for styling the hair into a faux hawk look. Comb the product through the hair in upwards motion before pressing it together for achieving the desired style.

10. Top Knot With Undercut

Another cool hairstyle on the list for 2018, top knot gives a more artistic touch to your overall personality and will look even better with a beautiful undercut. There is no need to keep the sides simple as you can have whatever surgical design on the sides as you might like. The hairdo looks cool overall.

So, these are the top 10 best hairstyles for men in 2018. However, these are not the last few options you have as there are many other hairstyles that you can explore this year to have a perfectly stylish look overall. Just go for something that you think will look cool on you.

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